When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me snuggling my babies, cleaning and decorating my house, getting in a workout, or texting my BFF. 
I love dreaming up new house projects, online shopping for the client closet, and a good 65 degree day sitting on my back porch.

I've been called the "photographer's photographer" and the "light whisperer", but my greatest title is "Mom". I have 4 amazing kiddos with my incredible husband Eric. We've spent the last 14 years moving around the US with the Army, and are currently calling Enterprise, Alabama home.


a little bit about

Make the shoot something special to do together as a family. Promise a fun night together to play and hang out. Plan a fun dinner or ice cream for after!

make it an experience


Be the most fun, positive and loving version of yourself. Don't worry about making anyone do anything. Just be present and love on each other.


Kids are unpredictable, and the best thing to do is have zero expectations for how the shoot should go. I promise you, I've got this!

have zero expectations


Just look at each other, tell inside jokes, play silly games, talk about your day, whisper secrets, etc.
Pretend I'm not even there.

don't look at the camera


If you're in love with warm, golden light, snuggles and tickles, letting go and having fun with your favorite people, not stressing over perfect poses or everyone looking at the camera, and just want to capture your love as a family, just the way you are, then I'm the photographer for you!
Sure, we all want that smiling-at-the-camera "Christmas card" photo, but I whole-heartedly believe that photos that capture your true connection will mean so more to you for years to come.

Below are a few  tips for a successful connection based session.

what makes us a good fit

positive vibes


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